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Brian Winslade

Interim Pastor - (15th April to 4th August)

Brian and Liz Winslade have been a part of the GSB community since 2021, having served in pastoral ministry (Baptist Churches) since 1979. They’ve pastored five multiple-staff churches (New Zealand and California), plus served as missionaries in Bangladesh and National Leadership roles in Baptist denominations in New Zealand and Australia. Brian is a graduate of the NZ Baptist Theological College and Bethel University (Minnesota) from which he holds a Doctor of Ministry degree. 


They have attempted to retire in Papamoa but have been asked by the Elders at GSB to help in the strategic development of integration and pastoral care system in our fast-growing church. 


Brian has stepped into the Interim Pastor role while Colin Gruetzmacher (Lead Pastor) is on a well-deserved sabbatical. He and Liz love GSB and all that God has in store for its future, and regard it a rich privilege to participate and share their experience 


Brian & Liz have three adult children and eight grandchildren.

Brian Winslade
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