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Building for the Future

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A Growing Neighbourhood

Pāpāmoa East is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country. What started with under 100 residents in 2006, is expected to swell to over 20,000 people by 2048! As a church, we have the unique opportunity to be a part of shaping this new community.


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A Building That Weaves Us Together

After lots of dreaming, consultation, a design competition, more consultation, and lots of coffees, the construction began in April 2022.


Click the link below to see the full brochure of the new proposed Baptist Church and Community Centre. 

How Can You Help?

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We believe that God is doing something exciting in our neighbourhood and we think that He is calling us to be a part of it. Through giving, volunteering and prayer you could invest in a project that will keep blessing the community long after our names are forgotten. 

Use the link below to pledge a donation today. 


GSBC Build for the Future Account:

If you'd like to gift directly towards this, feel free to donate into this account: (ASB) 12-3633-0004953 - 50


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