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Money Courses


Learn to budget, spend and save
so you reach your goals faster with a CAP Money Course

When you use CAP Money principles your money goes further.

It’s almost like getting a pay rise!

Three 90-minute sessions is all it takes and the course is completely free.


CAP Money courses run throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and here at Golden Sands Baptist we partner with CAP Money because we see value in how it helps members of our community.

Check out this video from CAP Money about how it all works.

Sign up for an upcoming CAP Money Course 

To register for the next course use one of the following methods:

Other Services 

GSB Money Coaching Services also runs several other services:

  • Debt Counselling & Support

  • Individual Money Coaching

  • Group Money Coaching (Families & Community)

  • Online Money Coaching

To sign up for one of these services click here or email:

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