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We are a new church that has recently started up in the Papamoa East area.  We already have some cool things going on, so have a look around to see what we are about 


It can be tricky trying to describe a new church. I mean theoretically, we should all be doing the same thing right? Well, we thought about it and tried to break everything down to the core things we, as a church, should do. Here’s what we came up with.


Every group has their own way, their own values and systems that shape everything they do. These are ours. It's what makes us us.


Colin is an American who grew up in Mexico, but worked in England before coming to Aotearoa 5 Years ago. Having grown up the son of missionary parents and also working as a musician around the UK, he is passionate about seeing these two worlds come together. With a deep love for the church and for those who aren’t a part of it, Colin’s desire is to see the church be a place where everyone can belong.

 Hayley is from Aotearoa, and met Colin while working as a missionary in the U.K. As a nurse she has worked both at Starship and alongside the Auckland City Mission. Together, they have been married for 7 years and have three kids: Leo, Cora, and Eden.


We are a part of a bigger family of Baptist churches, and you can find out more about them here. We have an especially close relationship with Bethlehem Baptist Church. They are helping to support us as we get going, and you might see some of them around on a Sunday. Together, we are exploring what can happen when churches walk in partnership.


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48 Market Place

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