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Below is an infographic explaining how GSBC will navigate the traffic light system.

This plan is only in place up until Christmas and then we will review everything over the summer break. While imperfect, we hope that by creating spaces for both those at risk and those without passports we can serve all of the community.

It's worth remembering that this is only provisional, and we are open to feedback on how it's working. We are deeply committed to working towards the best solution for us considering the circumstances.

Click here for details about how the services will operate.

Below the infographic is a link to sign up for our non-passport services.


We will continue to stream the services, click the link below to join our GSBC Livestream this Sunday at 10am.

You can also check out the recording for our latest service below.



We are a new church that has recently started up in the Papamoa East area.  We already have some cool things going on, so have a look around to see what we are about 


It can be tricky trying to describe a new church. I mean theoretically, we should all be doing the same thing right? Well, we thought about it and tried to break everything down to the core things we, as a church, should do. Here’s what we came up with.


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