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Lindsey Bade

Associate Pastor - Children & Families

A Brief Intro:

Hi, I’m Lindsey. Married to the beautiful Richard. We live Intergenerationally with my parents (Jo and George) our 4 kids (Lawrence, Mikaela, Eddie and Phoebe), a dog (Mabel) and three cats (BartholoMews, Ginger-Ginger and Miss Elisa Day).

My current hobbies include- taking the kids to school and kindy, helping them get to their extra-curricular things and making sure they are fed and semi-clean. Occasionally I try and meet friends for a coffee.

What do you enjoy about your role

I really enjoy working with my team! I have a great team who are passionate about the kids here at GSB and each bring something different to the mix.

I enjoy getting to know parents and families and learn about the different personalities of our primary-school aged people.

The start of term breakfast was an absolute highlight for me!

Favourite scripture or story?

Super cliché, but I often find myself repeating Pslam 46: “Be still and know that I am God” over and over in my head.

I tend to have 100 thoughts whizzing around so need to remind myself to pause and breathe and allow God to be central to what I am doing.

Also any passage about bread seems to be drawn to me…

What you love about GSB

GSB is, to quote Hamilton (the musical) “Young, scrappy and hungry”

GSB is a church that is continually and consciously trying to be a true community even when it’s hard.

Lindsey Bade
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