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walk together

We understand that membership is kinda foreign nowadays. It can be a lot to wrap your head around. So to make that easier, we've collected some great materials that help cover what membership means and give you some context as to why we think it's so important for today.


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This is our three-week teaching series where we outlined the history, context and meaning of membership for our community.


Baptist Distinctives​

By Dr. John Tucker

A great article, written by the Principal of Carey Baptist Bible college. In it, he gives a biblical, historical and modern explanation for what makes Baptists unique.

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Delivered at the 2018 Baptist Hui, Carey lecturer Andrew Picard gave a great talk about how Baptist identity can reinvigorate our churches.

Congregational Leadership

By Stephen R. Holmes

This is a short excerpt from Stephen Holme's book, Baptist Theology. Holmes is one of the worlds leading Baptist theologians and in this section, he outlines why Baptists make decisions as a gathered community.

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