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Ken Edkins


About Me

I first encountered Jesus in my life when I was 12 and have never wavered in my faith. God is a part of every day. I have experienced hearing Gods voice, and also often His direction from small things to major things. I have been married to Helen for 45 years, and we had 3 children who were all following the Lord along with their spouses. In February this year our only daughter Amy went to see Jesus face to face. Our 2 boys and their wives continue to follow Jesus.  Over the years in church life I have taught Sunday school, taught Bible in schools ,been a deacon, Elder, preacher, youth group leader, cell group leader, chairman, pastoral placement advisor for the Baptist Union, President of the Baptist Union, a member of assembly council, continue to be a member of BOP Baptist association (regional), and have been on several interim leadership teams for other churches going through difficulties. But no one let me join a singing group.

What Do I Bring to the Eldership Role?

A passion for God and a desire to see His church grow. I try to listen to what the Spirit is saying. I have a lot of experience in church life where things have gone well, and also some learnings from when it didn’t. I am a big picture person, rather than detail. My approach to issues tends to be calm (and hopefully wise) and like to work with people through issues. I bring governance experience, business experience, and am not afraid to make decisions and carry the responsibility. Over the years have developed a wide circle of contacts with the wider Baptist family and in business.

My Hope for GSB

A vibrant and growing church with all ages a part of our church family. I would like to see our church as a key part of the community. To have systems in place to care for all of our community, which includes ways of sharing the gospel. To have a sense of belonging for all, where our faith in Jesus is freely shared with each other as an integral part of our lives, and the confidence and innovation to be able to find ways to tell our story to those who don’t know Jesus yet. I am looking forward to having our own church building on our land, and even though it is a big hurdle, I believe it is possible with our God.

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