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Got questions about the Christian faith?

Come enjoy a free meal on us and explore these questions in a non-judgemental, safe environment.



Got questions about God, Faith & Christianity?

- Is there really a God?

- Just who is Jesus?

- Why do bad things keep happening?

- Where do I fit?

- Why do people even go to church?

These are all questions we ask - your not alone. 

Alpha is a 10 week course starting the 4th of May where you get to engage in and explore the big questions of life and faith in a non-judgemental safe environment and have a free meal on us.


1) Food

Come enjoy a cooked meal on us.

Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi

2) Question

Ask the questions you have been wanting to ask for a while

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3) Discuss

Discuss with people who are struggling with these questions 

Alpha Rego

What is Alpha?

Sign up for Alpha?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I come to Alpha?
Alpha is a safe place to ask the hard questions, where you can engage with others who have similar thoughts and want to know more about God, faith and Christianity.

What does alpha cost?

Nothing, it's FREE!

Do I have to have a faith or believe in God to come to Alpha?

Nope, this is a place where you get to explore what the Christian faith means and find out if you want to be part of it

Is there an age range?
Nope, all ages are welcome, although this is targeted at 18+

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! We would love to meet them! 

Do I have to go to church to come to Alpha?
Nope, we welcome everyone. Whether you go to church or not, if you have questions then Alpha is for you. 

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