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Fun, Food, God, Madness

Here at Golden Sands Baptist Youth we create a safe space for college aged youth to come along, hang out with your peers, have a bunch of fun, eat some good food and create chaos all the while learning about and connecting with God.


We believe that God’s story weaves into our lives both individually and communally. We desire to see young people flourish in all aspects of your life - with God woven into every aspect of who you are. We also believe that God is fun and definitely not boring! We believe that exploring the awesomeness of God is the best adventure we can go on.


Our youth leadership team partner with volunteer youth leaders, parents and young people to challenge you to go deeper in your relationship with God. We want to provide you with a solid and supportive relationship network with genuine people from all walks of life who love God and want to see you thrive and be the best you can be. When crap hits the fan we all need someone who we can go to for a rant or just to talk things over. We want GSBYouth to provide the platform for those relationships to form.


Our vision is that you as a young person are given opportunities to grow as a person, to develop communication and leadership skills and to connect with a variety of people who may be different to you and yet who we can all learn from. We also want you to have a bunch of FUN and to leave youth group having laughed til you cry, eaten all the wrong things with all the right people, had a bunch of fun and ultimately to know that you are thoroughly loved and accepted by God no matter what.


We love life and we love doing life with YOU! Come and join in the madness!

The Down Low


Who: Ages 13 to 18 - Year 9 up to Year 13

GSBYouth Friday nights are for college aged youth, so if you are aged 13-18 or in Year 9 up to Year 13 come and join in the fun!


Where: down at the Church


When: 6.30 - 9pm Friday

Every Friday night during the school term.


Cost: Free

Each youth night is free. If we are going out for an activity, there may be an activity fee to cover petrol and/or the activity. These details are included in this booklet, so make sure you check in advance so you know what we’re up to that night.

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