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Every group has their own way, their own values and systems that shape everything they do. These are ours. It's what makes us us.



It’s so much more than voting. It’s a way of being church, of being together. See, we believe Jesus is leading this church, and we are learning how to follow His leadership together. So to do that, we are moving away from models where it's all about the one, and instead are committed to listening, sharing and learning from Jesus through the many. We are learning ways to be together where disagreement doesn’t mean disconnection, conflict isn’t always bad, and love is our guiding principle. It’s in walking through all these things together that we discover where Christ is leading.



Often this word makes us think of lasers, V-necks and skinny jeans, but real creativity goes so much deeper than that. It’s a relentless decision to dig deep into the roots of our tradition and story, and present the truth found there in new and better ways. We pursue a creativity that breaks us out of the rut, and prevents us from becoming too familiar with Christ's message or too comfortable with His call. A creativity that allows the Gospel to keep surprising us with how terrifyingly radical Jesus is and inspires us to step out and join the revolution.

The Perfect Coffee


It's so much bigger than a cup of tea. We have found a God who opens up everything to make way for us to find community and relationship, so we can’t help but do the same for others. The earliest followers of Jesus took this to heart and the world was left reeling as it looked in on their gatherings. Rich sat next to poor, slaves next to free, and different races loved and prayed for one another.  We walk in this tradition and make room for anyone we meet, regardless of how different they may be or how much we may disagree. It’s a movement from inclusion to belonging. You belong.



Let's be honest, life isn’t perfect and neither are we. We are complex people with hopes, dreams, doubts, and fears, and it's no help if we only talk about the good stuff. Our baggage isn’t something that needs to stay hidden so that we can be polite together. So we choose not to settle with plastic smiles or pat answers but engage as whole, real, grounded people. It’s only by bringing our whole selves, awkward as we are, that we can find the community and hope the Gospel promises.

Holding Hands


So much of our world revolves around buy, consume and then throw away. Things, ideas, and even people can become disposable. Instead, Jesus asks us to be caretakers. Everything that has been given to us, has been given to be taken care of so it can flourish. It's our responsibility to make sure that the people we have, the finances we are given, and even the earth we stand upon is looked after so it becomes all it can be.

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