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Colin Gruetzmacher

Lead Pastor - (Sabbatical 15th April to 4th August)

About Me:

Kia Ora. I’m an American, who grew up in Mexico, and lived in the UK before moving to Aotearoa in 2013. I’m Married to Hayley who is a kiwi who grew up in Papua New Guinea, and have three awesome kids. I love reading books about theology, history, and philosophy (a bit nerdy sorry). I’m also a keen muso and will often go trawling through trade me for a good guitar pedal.

What I enjoy about my role:

I love the chance to journey with people, hearing their stories, navigating their questions and doubts and watching them grow as people and as followers of Jesus. I also love that I get designated time in my week to study the scriptures, learn more about God and then get to share that with you on a Sunday.

Favourite scripture or story:

Revelation is one of my favourite books, not because of the end times stuff, but because it presents of one the most compelling visions of the Gospel. How do we remain faithful to Jesus in the midst of an empire. In a world defined by greed, consumption, power and self preservation, Revelation reminds us of the power of Jesus who overcomes by humbling himself and dying for his enemies.

What I love about GSB:

I love how diverse our church is. We have people from a wide variety of backgrounds, different theological and political perspectives, and life stages. It makes Sundays and small groups much more interesting when we get to push and challenge each other. You won’t get locked in a theological box here and I love that.

Colin Gruetzmacher
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