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Under the Current restrictions, We are keeping all our services online until we go back to level 1, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still meet together.

GSB@Home is our initiative to meet together in each other’s homes to participate in the service together, hang out, and build deeper relationships. We have people all across the neighbourhood who are hosting these gatherings.

To host a gathering, you just need to have a screen with a strong internet connection to stream the service, be ready to email attendees, create a welcoming environment, and be able to record attendance of people who come (we can help record that using our simple GSB church app). It would be great if a couple of houses could be kid-friendly (with either activities for kids, or space for them to play) so that families can get involved in the action.


The great thing about GSB @Home is that if you don't know where to start, or you don’t know who to ask to join in with, then you can just fill out a form, with a neighbourhood preference and we will get you sorted. The group leader will message you beforehand so you have all the details and feel comfortable arriving.

In the interest of building deeper relationships and making attendance tracking easier, we are recommending that people keep attending the same GSB@home location as much as possible.

We believe this is a super important step for us. In our recent churchwide discussions, many people highlighted that they wanted to get to know people better in the community. So we want to encourage us to think of this lockdown season as an opportunity to live that out in practice.


Let's join in each others homes, participate in the service together, build deeper relationships and hang out with each other in smaller groups.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing what God can do as we gather together in small groups in this next season.

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