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About the Event

Coming up on the 16th of June, we are having an evening-service-style event around the subject of baptism. You don’t need to hang out with us at GSB for long to learn that we place a high emphasis on the practice of believers’ baptism. When we have people being baptised it is a wonderful time of celebration. But why do we regard it so highly? After all, isn’t it a strange practice being “dunked” in front of a room full of people?

On the 16th June we want to unpack this a bit more. We won’t actually be having baptisms on this night, as much as painting a biblical picture of what it’s all about, and hearing stories (. . . maybe your story!) and what it meant to you as you were baptised.

Across the centuries the word “baptism” has had a variety definitions and applications. In some parts of the wider church, baptism is something done to babies. In churches like ours, it’s an act done when a person has chosen to become a follower of Jesus. Why the different traditions and practices? Why are there different amounts of water used in baptism—from sprinkled water to complete submersion? When should it happen, and what do you do if it was something you missed out on in your family tradition? How does being baptised affect our relationship with God?

These are some of the questions we hope to explore on 16th June. There’ll be an opportunity to hear stories from people who have recently been baptised, and to ask (anonymous txt) questions about why the Bible seems to make it a big deal. This will be a “no pressure” event, especially for those who have never been baptised. Merely a chance to hear from those who have and what it means. We’d love everyone to come along and to be encouraged as we learn from each other.

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